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a delayed thank you since returning from our travels! We just wanted to say we recently had a few great experiences at your pub ... a month or so ago...

—Damo and Saz

Music @ The George

December Gig List

  • Sunday 2nd 1pm-4pm: Guyy
  • Friday 5pm-8pm: Percey Se-Lah
  • Sunday 9th 1pm-4pm: Hope Wilkins
  • Friday 14th 4pm-7:30: Hall and District Axemen (Wood chopping exhibition) and 7:30pm to 10:30pm Richard Perso
  • Saturday 15th 5pm-8pm: Johnny Huckle
  • Sunday 16th 1pm-4pm: Mitch Canas
  • Friday 21st 7:30 to 10:30: H-C Family
  • Saturday 22nd 5pm-8pm: Guyy
  • Sunday 23rd1pm-4pm: Matt Dent
  • Monday 24th 1pm– Tori Chard
  • Wednesday 26th – 1pm John Sharp and 4pm Mitch Canas
  • Friday 28th5pm-8pm: Hating Alice
  • Saturday 29th 5pm Maxo
  • Sunday 30th 1pm-4pm Connor Harris
  • Monday 31st – 6pm Alec Randles, 7pm Kopestic and 9pm to midnight Hating Alice

December Gig List


  • Tuesday 1st- 1pm the Hall and District Woodchopping Competition
  • Wednesday 2nd – Jake Maloney 
  • Friday 4th 5pm- Stella’s Way
  • Saturday 5th 5pm- Bill Olson
  • Sunday 6th 1pm- Matt Dent
  • Friday  11th 5pm – Kopestic
  • Saturday 12th 5pm – Richard Perso
  • Sunday 13th 1pm – Megan Code Red
  • Friday 18th 5pm- Blooming
  • Saturday 19th 5pm- Hope Wilkins
  • Sunday 20th 1pm- Minh Ha and Robbie McCredie
  • Friday 25th 5pm- Johnny Huckle
  • Saturday 26th 5pm – Hating Alice
  • Sunday 27th 1pm Percey Se-Lah 
+ Sing for Your Supper every Wednesday night!

The George has always been regarded as a live music venue and, in more recent times, has provided a multitude of musical acts ranging from your standard pub cover bands to dub, reggae, jazz, blues, 20 piece big-bands and even Celtic choirs.

But The George wants to be more proactive in promoting music and, as an active member of MusicACT, the old English Pub now boasts a staircase of musical opportunity starting with:

Sing for Your Supper

The opportunity is then provided by The George for budding artists to claim their 15 seconds (minutes, actually!) and perform for an audience in return for a meal and drink. These nights allow artists to show their wares and get audience feedback in a relaxed and engaging environment.

To register or find out more, click here.

Sunday Live at The George

And the final step in the staircase is the opportunity to be invited to feature on the Sunday afternoon stage at The George in front of a much larger audience from 1pm to 4pm.

To enquire about music opportunities at The George,
click here.